We are Nordstrom Labs, a team of techies, designers, entrepreneurs, statisticians, researchers, and artists, all trying to discover the future of retail.

The most important thing we do as a team is hire the right people and we are currently hiring!

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What’s important to us

Human Focus

Ideas aren’t precious; people are. Sure, we come up with plenty of our own ideas, but they are inspired by stories that customers tell us. We seek to perceive, not to be perceived. We leave no stone unturned in our search for customer truth and empathy.


As a discovery team our primary function is to learn then share with others. Everything we do is engineered to learn; from the code we write to the meetings we hold.


We love including knowledge and viewpoints of people inside and outside our team and Nordstrom to get inspired. Sometimes we bring in “extreme users” or create outlandish scenarios to find that inspiration.


Nordstrom Labs succeeds or fails as a combined effort of all our work. We don’t optimize part of the system. We optimize the whole. Each of us empowers the other team members. Each of us honors the team’s trust in ourselves.

Make It So

Unless a product sees the light of day, it’s just vapor. After discovering a new successful product or service, we work hard to get it into the hands of our customers and salespeople.


Failure is common in the world of innovation, especially when aiming for the long shots — high risk and high reward. So if we’re going to fail often, we might as well have fun with it!



How We Connect


Existing or potential customers contribute to every project we work on. They inspire us and tell us whether we’re on the right track.

Our Team

Nordstrom Labs is a high-trust, super-flat, self-organizing team. Title is a required field in our HR systems, but what you do and how you contribute here is up to you. Work on one of the ongoing projects, or start your own project and surprise us with the next big thing. Just roll your desk next to the people you work with, plug in, and get started!


The value we provide to the business are new options, in the form of validated ideas, and new ways of thinking and doing.


It’s hard to imagine the future of retail having yesterday’s technology. We build awesome software using the latest technologies — node.js, Objective-C, AngularJS, R, Go, and more, in order to validate ideas. We are part of the Nordstrom technology team but are not limited by what’s possible on paper or in code. We also innovate in the realms of development stack adoption, operations, products, business models, even management.


Case Study top

“It’s one thing to talk about ‘rapid experimentation’ and ‘validated learning’ as abstract concepts. It’s quite another to see them in action, in a real-world setting.”

- Eric Ries, Startup Lessons Learned


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The most important thing we do as a team is hire the right people and we are currently hiring!

See available positions and learn more: Apply Now!